• Applied Mathematics and Financial Mathematics

    This program requires a solid background in analysis, algebra and geometry. It offers a broad selection of courses on mathematical applications in finance, economy and industry, which are designed to meet the needs of students preparing careers in government, industry, secondary teaching and graduate study.

  • Optoelectronic & Information Engineering

    This program has been designed to provide the essential background knowledge of physics and give a firm foundation in the theory, design and testing techniques of information storage & transmission and display materials, as well as the principles and manufacturing technologies of the related devices. You’ll also learn the application of nanotechnology in information functional materials.

  • Applied Chemistry

    The undergraduate program awards Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Applied Chemistry. An undergraduate in our department can be tailored to focus on two different sub-disciplines - Materials Chemistry and Analytical Sciences. Materials Chemistry aims at the design, synthesis and processing of new inorganic, polymer and functional materials. Analytical Sciences aims at theoretical and practical aspects of modern analytical methods. Our undergraduate program provides a rigorous education in the fundamental areas of chemical theory and experimentation along with a hands-on approach to modern laboratory practices and instrumentation underwritten by a balanced introduction to the basic divisions of chemistry that emphasizes problem-solving skills.

  • Biotechnology

    Biotechnology can be broadly defined as using living organisms or cell processes to make useful products. To meet the requirements from local society, you will be trained to become a compound talent possessing broad and sounded life science knowledge, especially basic theory and skills in ocean biology. After systematic trainings in scientific research and thinking methodology, you will be able to apply the theory to practice in an innovative way.


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