• Graduate Programs in Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry of Shantou University has offered Master of Philosophy program in Applied Chemistry. At present, this master program has seven major research directions including Advanced Materials, Analytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Catalysis, Fuel Cells, Opptoelectronics, and Supermolecular & Coordination Chemistry.

  • Graduate Programs in Department of Physics

    Department of Physics of Shantou University now has offered Optical Engineering 1st level Master Program and Material Physics and Chemistry 2nd level Master Program.

  • Graduate Programs in Department of Biology

    The biology discipline of Shantou university has the conferral right for first-degree biological masters. It consists of four discipline orientations, they are Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology and Hydrobiology. We have already cultivated more than 200 maters and doctors since we started to enroll postgraduate students from 1995.

  • Graduate Programs in Marine Biology Institute

    The marine biology discipline in Shantou University received the conferral rights of maters and doctors in 2003.The research contents of the marine biology cover the fields of marine botany(Algae, physiological and biochemical and ecology, Algae resource utilization technology and Algae in developmental biology and plant breeding),marine zoology(nutrition and feed of aquatic animals Nutrition and Feed of Aquatic Animals, Marine biological breeding and genetic breeding and Aquatic animal immunization and disease),marine ecology(cultural ecology, Ecotoxicology and safety of aquatic products) and marine biotechnology(Marine functional genomics, utilization of Marine biological active substance separation technology).

  • Graduate Programs in Department of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics was established in 1984. Currently, it has 17 teaching staff, 2 supporting staff, and several postdoctoral researchers.The department has a PhD program and a master program in pure and applied mathematics. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the department has 9 PhD students and 58 master students.


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