When you search for the junction of the northern tropic and China's coastline, you can easily seek out one of the four earliest reforming and opening-up special economic zones-----Shantou. The State Council approve of establishing overseas Chinese economic and cultural cooperation test area in Shantou in September, 2014. Shantou port was included in one of the most important fifteen ports of the layouts of maritime silk-road in the 21st century, in March, 2015, that makes Shantou embrace lots of new development opportunities.

The beauty of Shantou cannot be separated with ocean. Surrounded by ocean, Shantou is divided into the north and the south sides by the bay across the downtown. The intersection of the sea and mountains shapes many superior beaches. Located in eastern Guangdong, Nanao Island, the bright pearls at sea, is embraced by green mountains, with blue sea and sky. It not only possesses the Qingao Bay, which is entitled asOriental Hawaii, butalso has Huanghuashan National Forest Park that is known as the Natural Botanical Garden in the South China Sea. The widely-concerned ancient sunk vessel, Nanao Number One, is situated in the surrounding waters near Nanao Island.

The climate in Shantou is warm and humid. With a lot of sunshine, there is no severe cold in winter here nor the the intense heat of summer, green trees and colorful flowers around the four seasons. Moreover, The air in Shantou is fresh and Shantou is one of the cities that have the best quality air in China.

Shantou has profound cultural background, honored as Seashore Zou Lu. Chinese traditional culture has been perfectly retained and inherited in Chaoshan area. The distinctively regional culture fascinates us: the ancient and elegant Chaoshan dialect, the grand and magnificent large drums, the special flavor Chaoshan food, the delicate and fragrant Gongfu Tea and so on.

Shantou people has the tradition of taking business ventures. Chinese red boats witnesses the overseas entrepreneurship of Shantou businessmen and the successful Chaoshan businessmen are all over at home and abroad. The Chinese’s richest man Li ka-shing, the president of Charoen Pokphand Xie Shimin, the CEO of Tencent company Ma Huateng, etc., are prominent representatives of Chaoshan businessmen. The profound traditional culture and business culture combine with each other perfectly in Shantou.

Shantou has established the three-dimensional transportation network, changing the historical situation of the traffic inconvenience. So far, the planes in Shantou can fly to a lot of big cities and medium-sized cities directly at home and abroad, railways in Shantou are connected with the national railway networks and the highways can reach major cities in Guangdong and Fujian. The new Chaoshan civil airport is put into operation at the end of 2011, which is about half an hour's drive away from Shantou university. The Xiashen rapid transit railway has been put into operation at the end of 2013, connecting the three special economic zones, Shenzhen, Shantou and Xiamen, as well as linking the Pearl River Delta Region to the West Coast Economic Zone. Now, It just takes about two hours from Shantou to Shenzhen or Xiamen.

Shantou provides a pleasant environment for living, and it is a quiet cities and suitable for reading and thinking.

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