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Shantou University and Technion Organized a Workshop on Strategies & Technologies for River Restoration

Shantou University and Technion Organizeda Workshop on Strategies & Technologies for River Restoration

Workshop on Strategies & Technologies for River Restoration, hosted by Shantou university and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Grand Water Research Center, was held from Dec. 15th to 16th. The workshop placed great emphasis on pollution control and administration in the areas along the river and had a heated discussion on two main issues. One is the pollution regulation and supervision technology for industrial and agricultural wastewater, and the other is pollution control and restoration technology for the polluted areas.

There were 22 experts and scholars took part in discussion and reports in the seminar, including Professor Michal Green, Associate Professor EranFriedle, Dr.YouriGendel and Dr. Haihong Song from Israel Institute of Technology, Professor Zhang Xihui from Graduate School in Shenzhen, Tsinghua university, Professor Chen Yuanchai from South China University of Technology, Dr.Huang Xiaolong from Wuhan Division Aquatic Environmental Engineering co., LTD. Dr. Zhuang Ping from ESCO Corporation,president GongYaoping from Zhongmin Global Environment Cooperation and Professor Liu Wenhua, the dean of the College of Science In Shantou university.

On Dec.15th, led by Associate Profeeor Li Ping, all the attendees undertook an on-the-spot investigation and visit around Lianjiang River in order to know more about the current situation of Lianjiang River, both its water and its surrounding.On the point, it will be easier for our experts to have a better discussion and make a concrete plan for river pollution control during the later period.

On Nec.16 th, foundation stone laying ceremony for Guangdong Israel institute of technology came to a successful conclusion and the joint seminar for sewage treatment and technology was held in Junhua Hotel in Shantou.

Professor Liu Wenhua, the representative of College of Science, Shantou university, and the organizer of this conference, chaired the seminar. On the conference, he gave a concrete picture on the basic conditions of Lianjiang River and its surrounding to all and made a successful report about the latest development in the field of wastewater control and management, so as other experts participating in this conference. In the second part of the seminar, all the attendees had a fully discussion on how to renovate Lianjiang River and its surrounding, put forward their insightful views and gave a lot of practical suggestions.

Lianjiang River, the third largest river in the east part of Guangdong province, flows across an area of 1353 square kilometers, which includes 3 the county administrative region--- Puning in Jieyang, Chaoyang district and Chaonan district in Shantou. the length of its trunk stream is 71.1 km. Lianjiang River feeds more than 4.3 million people living along it.

Even though lianjiang River has a close connection with people living along it,just like their mother from nature,the unlimited discharge of industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater and domestic sewage make the environment of Lianjiang River come to a critical juncture and we cannot afford to neglect. The water of its main stream and most of its branches cannot even meet the standard of V, black and smelly. It is notoriously known as the“Black River”in the surrounding areas and one of the most polluted river in Guangdong. It is tested that the major pollutants in the river are chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metal, oxygen-demanding organic matters, nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients and so on.

Israel has the top-notch technology for sewage treatment. Though the discussions with Israel Institute of Technology on the issue of sewage treatment for Lianjiang River,we hope that advanced technology and methods can be introduced and we can have a better research and development on this field. Moreover, we hope to improve the conditions of Lianjiang River by combining the its real situation with reasonable and effective renovate countermeasures.

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