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2015 International Summer School of College of Science has Bring to a Successful Close

2015 international Summer School of College of Science has bring to a successful close

18 August 2015---With a theme of“Advanced Biology and Chemistry”,The 10-day long international summer school project has came to a successful conclusion in Shantou University on August 12th.

Students participating in this program are delighted to learn and absorb knowledge from the lectures and academic reports delivered by 8 prominent professors and experts invited, including Professor Ingo Ott and Professor Annika

Gross from Braunschweig Technical University,Professor Raymond Wai-Yeung Wong from Hong Kong Baptist University,Professor Stefan Sommer、Professor Antony Hascall and Professor Fernando Porfirio Monroy from Northern Arizona University ,Doctor Kenneth King Yin Lai from Novus Life Sciences.

The classes in the Summer School covered the areas of biology,medicine,chemistry,environment,education and so on,attracted 60 undergraduate students and 10 graduate students to take part in it.Even though the classes were all delivered in English,which seems to be a big challenges to our students to understand some difficult phrases,students took the bull by the horns.Instead of giving up,they referred to dictionaries and discussed with each other as a way to better understand all the lectures.Much to our amazement,every and each student made conclusions of what they learned and shared their feelings about this event in English on the last day of this program.

The summer school gives students from different academic backgrounds to learn from each other, a vivid example on how the College of Science implements international teaching strategy actively.During this program,students had the chances to communicate with famous professors from different realms face-to-face.Hence,students got a more comprehensive picture of the world,improved their English, and be inspired to exploration.Undoubtedly,the effective and satisfactory results achieved in this program has laid a solid foundation for the College of Science to cultivate innovative talents with an international perspective.

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