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Shantou University College of Science Summer School 2015



Shantou University College of Science

Summer School (STUCSSS) 2015


"Advanced Biology and Chemistry"


3rd- 12thAug 2015

College of Science, Shantou University,

No.243 Daxue Road, Shantou, Guangdong, P.R.China 515063



Shantou University College of Science Summer School (STUCSSS) is organized by the College of Science, Shantou University, which is to be held in Shantou from 3rd-12thAugust 2015.

The STUCSSS series aims to provide participants the fundamental concepts, latest development and current update on the rapidly growing fields of Biology and Chemistry. The Summer School is useful for undergraduate students majored in Science subject. Limited quota is available for postgraduate students who are working on these research areas.

The theme of STUCSSS is on “Advanced Biology and Chemistry”. We continue our mission to provide high quality, interactive teaching and learning experiences (including lectures, student presentation and open scientific forum) to our participants. The Summer School acts as a platform to nurture young scientists via direct interaction and discussion with world-renowned lecturers in the fields. It also provides participants a valuable opportunity for career advancement, personal enrichment and know more about Biology and Chemistry.

We look forward to seeing you in Shantou in August 2015.

Organizing Committees

College of Science, Shantou University

l Prof. Wenhua Liu (Chairperson),

l Prof. Xiaochun Huang

l Prof. Hung Du

Prof. Raymond Wai-Yin Sun

Director of International Affairs,

College of Science, Shantou University,

No.243 Daxue Road, Shantou, Guangdong, P.R.China 515063

Tel: (+86) 0754-86503779



Ms Mulan Yang (College of Science)

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Course Theme

Advanced Biology and Chemistry


l Metal Complexes in Biology and Medicine

l Medicinal Chemistry of Selected Classes of Drugs

l Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

l The Chemistry and Biology of Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins

l Get and Save Energy with Advanced Materials: What Chemists Can Do?

l Light in Action: Exploring Light-Emitting Materials

l The importance of biodiversity to ecosystem function

l How climate change affects biodiversity

l Foundation species and community heritability

l Experimental garden arrays and adaptive restoration ecology

l Using principles of chemical bonding and energy transitions within molecules to understand the properties of some important inorganic materials

l Emerging Infectious diseases & Helicobacter pylori and gastric diseases

l Innate immune responses to infection & Intestinal microflora in health and disease

l Hazard vs. Risk: Why Does It Matter?

l Entrepreneurship: From Benchside to Reality




STU undergraduate students (College of Science), postgraduates and professionals working in the area of Chemistry and Biology are welcome to attend the SUMMER SCHOOL.

In this SUMMER SCHOOL, there will be ~ 8 invited Speakers from all around the world including The United States of America, Europe and Hong Kong. Each Lecturer will give lectures of at least four hours in the Topics related to Medicinal Chemistry, Material Sciences, Inorganic Chemistry, Ecosystem, Chemical Education and Infectious Diseases, etc. The Lectures will be given in English. Some of the teaching materials (i.e., lecture notes) will be given to the students prior to the Lectures.


The Summer Course is a THREE-credit-unit undergraduate course:

Student Duty

Students will be invited to join a Welcoming/ Gala Dinner and a Chaozhou one-day trip. Discussion with the guest lecturers during these activities will be encouraged. All the participants including students and lecturers will be divided into 6 different project groups. In each group, there will be at least one guest Lecturer and around 10 students.

As part of the commitment of a successful applicant, you are expected to attend the whole course and have an oral presentation in the open scientific forum on 10thAugust, 2015. Participants will be assigned into groups and research interests. Representatives from each group will have to give an oral presentation about what you have learnt in the summer school in the open scientific forum on 10thAugust, 2015.


A certificate will be awarded to participants who have successfully completed the summer school.

Registration Information

A complete application form including an updated CV should be submitted by heading of the e-mail should be “Summer School 2015-Name-Grade-Major” and the application deadline is15 June 2015) .

Fees & Financial Supports

Registration Fees

No registration fee is charged for qualified applicants. Fees for lecture, and open scientific forum will be covered by the STUCSSS 2015.

Financial Supports

International Office and College of Science, Shantou University

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